Four Warriors against Hitler (2001)
 (nominated for the Adolf-Grimme Award)

Authors: Wolfgang Schoen, Holger Hillesheim, Susanne Stenner, GŁnter Moritz, Ingeborg Jacobs

Four Warriors against Hitler (2001)
Four men commanding the front on the allied side in Second World War and assisted in planning and executing crucial campaigns could not possibly differ more from each other: the war-loving George S. Patton Jr. fom the USA, the obstinate British Bernard L. Montgomery, the inflexible French General Charles de Gaulle and the rigid Georgij K. Schukow from the Soviet Union. But they are unified by one will: to defeat Adolf Hitler militarily. They start out from different points and their biographies are sui generis. Though the historic situation catapults them into a position of significance that turns them into national idols after war. Their life: the stuff heroes are made of?

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